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Session 3: What's your Product Mgmnt Persona? #pcampldn

[Missed session 2 due to Apple Mail + Wireless fail.]

Ian Lunn from Product Focus

Only handful of ppl put hand up to Q of “who thinks they’re a good PM” :)

Product Focus do survey on ProdMgmnt.

  • Ave PM has been a PM for 8.5yrs (up from 7.5yrs last yr)
  • 44% of time spent on firefighting and 56% on planned activities “too much time on tactical”
  • lack of clarity on role/responsibility
  • 51% of projects delivered on time (some ppl in room think that’s high)

Effective ProdMgmnt. Now we have a 2x2 matrix [notepad ain’t gonna help me w that]. Axes are knowledge/skills and actions.

8 Personas

  • Numbers Guy
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Expert Compromiser
  • Troubleshooter: Wild West Style
  • Product Champion/Advocate
  • Voice of Market
  • Reliable Project Manager
  • Multi-CEO (bit of everything)

Biggest issue in ProdMgmnt in companies seems to be:

  • Lack of clarity on roles
  • lack of time for strategy
  • Ave salary is £61k base (cue murmurs from room…)

Job titles can be misleading. Can split work by activities.

  • Strategic PM Activities: Working out the right product
  • Inbound Activities: Helping business deliver the product
  • Outbound Activities: Helping business to sell the product

Q. Has the role of PM changed over the years as it becomes more recognised?
A. Still a way to go. Better recognised but need more exposure.