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Feedback requested on the redesign

There is a work-in-progress site at, where we’ve been developing both the tools and design for the new pages. This allows us to test our tools and fix issues before we consider merging changes upstream.

There is a more detailed post coming about all the design work to date and the workflow we’re using, but in the meantime, feedback on the following areas would be most welcome. Please leave feedback in the form of issues on the sandbox repo. You can also raise points on the infrastructure mailing list.

  1. OCaml Logo - There was some feedback on the last iteration of the logo, especially regarding the font, so there are now several options to consider. Please look at the images on the GitHub wiki and then leave your feedback on issue #16 on the sandbox repo.

  2. Site design - Please do give feedback on the design and any glitches you notice. Text on each of the new landing pages is still an initial draft so comments and improvements there are also welcome (specifically: Home Page, Learn, Documentation, Platform, Community). There are already a few known issues, so do add your comments to those threads first.