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I'm in San Francisco (and later NYC)

Actually, I’ve been here for a while now and feeling (mostly) settled in. I’m in the US for another couple of months, most of which will be in SF, with a short trip to Colorado and New York thrown in.

So far, I’ve met a bunch of folks from ‘back home’, people that they know, and a handful of new ones. While I’m out here, I’m hoping to meet a lot more people who might be interested in the work we’re doing in the Lab. Specifically things related to Software Defined Networking, Identity and Functional Programming – basically anything that overlaps with projects like Signpost and Mirage (if you happen to know anyone, bonus points for putting me in touch).

I’ve also managed to get out of town, courtesy of friends-with-a-car, and saw the Monterey Aquarium (some pics below). Not been hiking yet but will hopefully make it out of town again at some point.

Overall, SF is a very interesting place and I can see the draw for people to come here. Although a lot of the companies are further south, there’s much more ‘stuff’ happening here. I’m looking forward to the next couple of months.