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I guess I'm going to have to play Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2

Had a slightly bizarre experience at lunch today. Pretty much everyone I sat with was talking about games they’d played in Starcraft II (see below). Words like fast expand, Cruisers and Zerg were being bandied about and for several minutes it felt like a different language (the terminology gets even more odd with things like cheese tactics).

I mean, I speak English so I knew all the words but the order they were strung together in was alien to me. Direct peer pressure rarely works on me (and they’ve already tried) but apparently being part of a conversation where I’m failing to understand anything is like crack. I have to go off, google stuff and try and get a basic understanding. In this case, if I want to continue having lunch with these guys I’ll probably have to start playing. Given my tendency for getting addicted to (good) computer games, this could end badly for everyone.

Luckily, (this time) the conversation did move on to other topics, including male nurses and how PAs could take over the world. Epic stuff.


folks were: @plc, @leemallabone, @rahulvohra, @matclayton, @robbiethng